High blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke. It is defined by blood pressure in consultation greater than or equal to 140/90 mm Hg and greater than 135/85 mm HG in self-measurement at home.

Many risk factors or situations contribute to the onset of high blood pressure. When it is discovered, it is essential to review your lifestyle. So,
how to lower your blood pressure quickly and naturally? Advice from our cardiologist.
How to lower your blood pressure naturally?

– Fight against stress: Stress contributes to the increase in blood pressure. Playing sports, gentle gymnastics (yoga, Tai Chi, etc.), relaxation
exercise and sleeping well are valuable tips that can help lower blood pressure.

– Stop smoking: Tobacco remains one of the major risk factors for high blood pressure. According to the experts, each cigarette causes a rise in blood pressure for 20 to 40 minutes as well as a 40% increase in heart rate which prematurely wears out the heart and weakens the arteries.

On the other hand, tobacco also represents a risk factor for cardiovascular disease due to the appearance of atherosclerotic plaque: thus
myocardial infarction, stroke, obliterating arteriopathy of the lower limbs, and impotence.

– Monitor your cholesterol level: An increased cholesterol level represents, along with tobacco, another risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
Changing your diet and taking medication as needed, depending on the clinical situation and medical advice, may be essential.

– Monitor your blood sugar: Diabetes is another risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Monitoring of blood sugar and, if necessary, glycated
hemoglobin is essential to detect early diabetes and implement dietary and medicinal measures, after medical advice.

– Sleep well: about 25 to 30% of hypertensives suffer from this poor sleep. Review your sleep hygiene: go to bed regularly at the same time,
avoid overeating and alcohol before sleeping, establish night-time rituals that will condition your brain, and, if necessary, turn to soothing herbal teas such as linden or valerian.

– Beware of contraception: In certain cases, and in particular, after the age of 35, contraception containing synthetic estrogens (pill, patch, or
vaginal ring) can induce or aggravate arterial hypertension, by stimulating the synthesis of a tensiogenic hormone and by promoting the
retention of water and salt" explains the specialist.

– Limit alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for high blood pressure but also for resistance to the effect of antihypertensive
treatment. It is recommended not to consume more than 2 glasses of wine per day for men and 1 glass per day for women, with a day without

How to lower your blood pressure with food?
Include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dried fruits on your plate every day. Their strengths? These foods are sources of potassium, a mineral that opposes the effects of salt in the body and helps regulate blood pressure with a vasodilator effect.

They are also high in fiber, substances that help regulate blood pressure. Finally, do not hesitate to add a drizzle of olive oil to your fish, pasta
dishes, and raw vegetables, as well as to enrich your breakfasts and snacks with oleaginous fruits (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts).