The best remedy for dark spots and pimples:

Annoying and unsightly for those who suffer from it, acne is one of the chronic diseases that affects the largest organ of the human body: the skin. And, as with many other skin conditions, there is no total cure that will end the problem. Or even afterward, to treat the recognizable marks and scars that acne leaves on the face.

However, science advances and the research work of laboratories and experts in the field enable feasible remedies when the situation becomes unsustainable.

What types of acne marks and scars are there?

However, although acne can present various health complications for the patient, the main problem comes later: the appearance of scars. How to remove acne marks and scars then becomes the main goal of this process.

Scars, the final evolution of inflammatory lesions, are the main complications of acne. Erythema and post-inflammatory pigmentation disorders are not considered scars, since they resolve spontaneously and their evolution is related to phototype and sun exposure.

The scars are more visible when the skin inflammation is significant and prolonged. However, the appearance of scars is not systematically related to the severity of acne: a superficial inflammatory lesion can evolve into a cicatricial lesion.

Likewise, the scars themselves can also be of various types, among which we find two priority groups:

Hypertrophic: those that have a certain relief, being more common in the chest and back. A healing process with excessive inflammation favors this type of mark, normally caused by an excess of collagen.

Atrophic: they are especially common on the face. In this case, the absence or lack of collagen causes this scar to be deeper and sunken than the surrounding skin.

How do remove acne marks and scars?

As in so many other problems or conditions, prevention will always be the best remedy. Acne will inevitably appear, but before removing its marks and scars, there are several tips to avoid its arrival.

– Do not touch the lesions: The more or less intense manipulation of these acne lesions will cause the appearance of a scar. In short: popping or touching a pimple is never going to be a good choice.

– Protect yourself from the sun: Always with the highest possible protection factor (SPF50+), both in summer and winter, and indicated for oily and acne-prone skin. They must be mattifying and non-comedogenic since ultraviolet radiation worsens the condition of acne marks and scars.

Adapt an acne treatment as soon as possible, and apply it periodically and under the supervision of a dermatologist.

How long does it take for these wounds to disappear?

It can be a hard revelation for the affected person to accept, but the reality is that, as of today, there is no treatment that completely eliminates acne marks and scars.

Of course, techniques or treatments can be found that improve the appearance of the skin in a satisfactory way, even if the scar persists and does not disappear completely.

In addition, these treatments can obviously limit the worsening of the condition of these marks or the appearance of new residual stains. First of all, it is vital on a psychological level to be able to recover confidence and self-esteem oneself, after a stage marked by this unpleasant condition.