How to boost your memory with positive music?

Some people say that music is the best therapy, and in a way, they are right, because it allows us to connect with our emotions and memories and often helps us decipher how we really feel. Do you want to discover other benefits that music brings us? In this blog, we explain some of them.

According to various investigations, music has physiological effects on heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and cognitive functions. It itself affects our body and our emotions both positively and negatively.

How does music help with daily pain?

There are people who claim that music, in one way or another, has helped them to improve some physical or emotional discomfort they suffered.

In fact, a study from the University of Utah, published in The Journal of Pain, ensures that music manages to keep us away from pain. Well, being focused on the music, our attention is not directed to the painful stimulus, and the sensation of suffering is less.

In this study, 145 people were asked to identify aspects related to the music they were listening to. At the same time, they were given small electric shocks to the tips of their fingers. Thus, they concluded that the more attention they paid to the music, the less sensation of pain the small discharges produced.

What does music give us?

It is clear that music directly intervenes in our nervous system, causing some kind of positive effect. It can even be considered to be a healer, since it helps, among other things, to:

– Relieve problems related to stress and anxiety.

– Improve memory.

– Withstand certain pain

– Disconnect from everyday problems.

– Relax the mind and body.

The benefits of music:

Music offers many physical, cognitive, and motor benefits. It increases our ability to respond faster to various sensory stimuli. It helps us with our memory, thoughts, emotions, creativity, and imagination.

And, in addition to all this, it allows us to know how we feel, to be able to share it more easily with others. Therefore, it can be said that it also has a positive impact on social and affective development.

Thus, according to the neuropsychologists, the main benefits of music are the following:

– Helps control stress and anxiety.

– Improves mood.

– It can help resolve emotional conflicts.

– Promotes personal development.

– Motor coordination is favored.

– Promotes brain development.

– Promotes social interaction.

– It positively influences affective and emotional development.

– It is a great help to communicate and express feelings.

– Increases self-esteem levels.

What kind of problems does music therapy help us with?

Listening to music can help people with cognitive problems such as brain damage, people with addictions, or chronic pain, as it allows relaxation, improves mood, and many other neurological benefits.

It can also help people with stress, anxiety, or memory problems. And also, to those children who are restless or have learning difficulties, in addition to helping to improve self-esteem levels.

It is definitive, that music brings multiple benefits to both children and adults.

So, you know, listen to music every day, dance or learn to play an instrument. And do not miss the opportunity to enjoy everything that the magic of music grants.