Burna Boy linked with Byron Messia to deliver a significant and astonishing visualization aptly titled, “Talibans”.

The new video was shot by 20k Visuals and produced by Ztekk Records, Ej Fya, and Spaceship Billy.

Quotable Lyrics:

And everywhere me carry it ’cause me know the enemy them a pree
And me know them nah sorry for me
People a bawl and a scream ’cause we bad and we mean
Bloody crime scene, calamity
A so we shoot out brain fi go Canada, G
Make your marrow experience no gravity

Tell a pussy we no laugh up
We no take talk
Violate, people a dead dawg
You should a keep in a your bed ’cause the Talibans them a make war
We no laugh up
We no take talk
Badness a weh we endorse
We no shoot people fi end up in a Red Cross

Watch the video below: