Chukwueze’s late goal dealt a blow to Newcastle United’s Champions League aspirations, redirecting them towards the heartbreak moments. The Magpies experienced devastation on Wednesday after succumbing to a 1-2 defeat against Milan at St James Park.

Despite being semi-finalists in the previous season’s UEFA Champions League, AC Milan fell short of progressing in the current campaign. Paris St Germain gained the necessary momentum against Dortmund, securing one point and a goal difference, thereby securing their spot in the UEFA Champions League for the 2023/2024 season.

Match Analysis:

The group stage encounter between AC Milan and Newcastle United unfolded with unexpected twists, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Both teams stand a chance of qualifying for the Champions League, Europa League, or knockout stages, each holding 5 points and eyeing victory or a draw. AC Milan’s Europa League prospects hinge on defeating Newcastle, while the Magpies aim for a win or a draw.

At halftime, Joelington scored for Newcastle in the 33rd minute, placing them in a qualifying position, with AC Milan trailing at the bottom of the group. However, the second half showcased a captivating display from both teams. Milan faced a formidable challenge against Newcastle, and Chukwueze, destined to lead Milan into Europe, was brought into the game. His late goal shattered the Magpies’ hopes, sending them into heartbreak.