Today, we will provide a tip on the best nutrition for a healthy life and share guidance on maintaining a balanced diet in your daily intake.

Nutrition experts at the Harvard School of Public Health and the editors of Harvard Health Publications have created a guide to making healthy, balanced meals.

The proposal advocates dividing the plate so that half is filled with vegetables and the other half, a quarter is allocated to proteins and the rest to carbohydrates. What they call a “healthy eating plate” is also known as a Harvard plate.

In the proposal that the research gives us, the priority is clearly vegetables and greens. Here is the list of the best nutrition for a healthy life.


Their versatility makes them the perfect weapon for anyone in the real world. Raw or cooked, they are a good source of micronutrients such as calcium and vitamin K. If what you are interested in is absorbing their iron as much as possible, try eating them cooked from time to time because when raw, the antinutrients that compose it can prevent a correct absorption of this mineral.


It is one of the foods with more vitamin C and we always have it on hand. Like spinach, it allows great versatility in its use and cooking. But not only that, but it contains a lot of antioxidants that will help the body reach homeostasis more easily.


The quintessential vitamin A precursor, perfect for improving our vision, as well as helping our body get rid of any dead or potentially dangerous cells.


It is a great source of iron, and it is perfect for women with very intense menstruation since at that time it is easy to have a deficit of this mineral. It is super versatile when it comes to eating: raw, cooked, or pureed it is perfect.


Literally a bomb of minerals and vitamins that will not go unnoticed. Our recommendation is that we always have a few cooked broccoli florets in the fridge so that they are a simple resource when it comes to introducing them into our diet. The trunks can be used for purees or creams, do not throw them away!


The most complete and noble protein, perfect for day-to-day and for those of us who have little time. To make the most of its nutrients, we must eat the white cooked (since it contains antinutrients that can hinder the absorption of all its properties) and the raw yolk, in this way we will absorb all its benefits.


Although it is cooked like cereal, it is more of a pseudo-cereal. This means that the plant from which it comes is different and that it has more protein than other similar foods. We recommend that you wash it and soak it for about 30′ in warm water before cooking it to remove any antinutrients and thus make it more digestible.

Sweet potato: 

The hydrate is good and necessary, and the sweet potato is a very good option. Source of beta carotene (among other micronutrients), you can introduce it in small amounts in your food. Also, if you leave it cooked beforehand, the carbohydrates will become a wonderful fermentable fiber for your microbiota.