Music is timeless and ever-updating. Over few years, many artists have been successful in leaving their marks on the hearts of people across the globe. Nigerian artists have been consistent in awing their fans and have been popular among audiences. We present you a list of some of the Nigerian top trending artists that are making waves in music entertainment in 2022.

Burna Boy: (Wikipedia info)

Known as the only Nigerian to have won a Grammy award without any association. This Nigerian musician has taken Nigerian music to the next level through his exceptionally wonderful creations and guess what at the very young age of 28 years? No wonder it’s just the ounce and the star of Nigerian music has lots more to offer.

Some of the music hits by Burna Boy are “On the Low”, “Ye”, and “Kilometer“.


Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun goes by the professional name WizKid and is the most popular Nigerian music artist in 2022. After his song “Made In Lagos” turned out to be the box of fortune for him and turned the upcoming Nigerian artist into a Nigerian music legend. Some of the most endeavored songs of WizKid include “Call Me Every Day”, “True Love”, “Essence”, and others.


Lojay is a Nigerian singer. He was instilled by music ever since his childhood. His mother used to sing to him gospel music when he was a kid and this is how connected to music. Ever since he had the curiosity to learn and create new music.

Lojay gained popularity by performing in his genre of Afropop and Afrobeats. But this young artist doesn’t believe to content himself with one genre and hence is every-learning.

He embarked upon his journey in the music industry through his song Ariel. His remarkable contributions to the music industry include Monalisa, Runaway, and others. Can’t wait to see what more this star holds for 2022.


Victony is another popular Nigerian music artist. Popularly known as Victony, Anthony Victor has been elegantly riding the waves in the music industry, and despite what may come his way, he has kept his shine through.

The Nigerian talent is a singer, rapper, and songwriter. He has inspired many audiences and great upcoming artists of Nigeria including Wizkid. Some of his hits include “Apollo”, “Dark Times”, “Broken”, “Holy Father”, and others. We are looking forward to more in 2022 from the rising star.


She is a 21-year-old Nigerian singer who upon realizing the power of social media has exceptionally skilled in it and leaves no stone unturned to bring her success and fame.

Her music videos started gaining popularity and the world found another upcoming shining star in the music industry. She has just embarked on her journey and we are sure she has a long stretch to cover. Her song “Baby Riddim” became an internet sensation and was loved by people.

Boy Spyce:

Ugbekile David Osamoke known by the stage name BoySpyce is another top trending Nigerian artist who has gained a significant place in the music entertainment industry in 2022.

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Boy Spyce in the body of a 20-year-old boy has the soul of 30 years old. Some of his popular songs include “Wayo”, “Bad Things”, “Boy Spyce Album”, “Dreams” and others.