Constipation is an alteration of the intestine. This is characterized by excessive retention of water by the large intestine, which causes a
hardening of the stool. This hardening makes it difficult to expel and those who suffer from it present an excessive effort or failed attempts to
defecate hard stools, and a decrease in the frequency of weekly bowel movements.
It is difficult to classify when you have constipation or not since each person has a different intestinal transit. A healthy adult can defecate
anywhere from 3 times a day to 2-3 times a week. The important thing is that defecation is comfortable, easy, and without pain or difficulty in expelling matter.
What natural remedies exist for constipation?
There are natural remedies for chronic constipation and punctual constipation. These remedies will vary a bit in their use depending on which
one you suffer from.
In any case, in this post, we will talk about general situations, so you can use this article as a guide, but not as the equivalent of professional
Constipation should be tried to solve, in the first place, with diet and exercise.
– Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain versions. A diet rich in fibre helps the intestine since it stimulates its movement and favours
softer stools.
– Drink plenty of water. Helps soften stool.
– Regular gentle exercise, such as walking, promotes regular bowel movements.
– Acquire a habit in bowel movements, going to have a bowel movement at the same time.
– If necessary, you can use flax seeds to promote increased intestinal content. These products are a source of fiber, with which they provide
water and give structure to fecal matter, increasing its volume, and favoring defecation. Seeds can be used as a supplement to the diet
continuously as long as the diet does not provide the necessary fiber.
– Probiotics: keep the intestinal flora balanced and facilitate transit. Probiotics can improve bowel movement frequency and stool consistency. If
you want to know more benefits of probiotics for intestinal transit.
Constipation is more common than we might think, up to 30% of the population can suffer from it. So, if you suffer from constipation, do not
hesitate to ask your pharmacist what options you have to return to your normal intestinal transit.
Natural remedies for punctual constipation:
Punctual constipation is usually seen when, in a person who goes to the bathroom regularly, there is a change in diet or activity that makes it
difficult to go to the bathroom.
It is very common during a trip not to be able to go to the bathroom for reasons ranging from a change in diet to the discomfort of “being in a
bathroom that is not mine”. You can also change the habit of going to the bathroom in times of stress or the punctual use of certain
To " force the bathroom&quot, and end constipation there are several natural products.
By rectal route: honey-based micro-enemas have recently been marketed that stimulate the rectum (the final part of the intestine) and favor its
Orally: you can use tablets, capsules, or infusions based on cascara sagrada, senna, frangula, fucus, and combinations. These herbs should be
taken daily until a bowel movement occurs. Each plant has a particular profile, but basically, they stimulate the intestinal movement and favor
the discharge of water into the intestine, causing defecation to occur and the stool to be less hard.
In any case, the medication or supplement should be stopped once the defecation has occurred, since it is not usually necessary after resolving
the punctual constipation situation.