Best way to have a healthy singing voice:

The voice is the only and most precious tool of any singer. However, he is not always given the care he needs. Food, drink and even body posture affect your performance. Today we teach you how to take care of your singing voice, something essential to achieving the professional success you seek. Do not lose detail!

Maintaining healthy vocal cords and being able to respond with 100% of their capacity when on stage is the goal that any singer should aspire to. Some routines are performed naturally during rehearsals or concerts, but there are also certain behaviors that professionals in this guild tend to ignore and that can be truly harmful to the voice.

8 tips to help you sing better:

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and soft drinks, as they produce excess gas (affecting the stomach and your well-being) and act as a diuretic, which in turn causes dehydration of the vocal cords. With them, you will only get an unpleasant dry throat.
  2. Spicy and greasy foods should be eliminated from your diet as they can create gastric reflux, heartburn, and, in general, a feeling of discomfort in the entire digestive system, something that is not recommended if you want to sing well.
  3. Exercising and maintaining a healthy and active body benefits your general health but also your throat. By being healthy you will avoid contracting illnesses, flu, and colds, which will undoubtedly reduce the capacity of your vocal cords. In addition, you will control your breathing better and you will achieve a much more spectacular result.
  4. If you find yourself in an environment with a lot of noise or a high level of pollution, try to speak as little as possible. This advice may sound drastic, but it is the best way to avoid damage that will affect the performance level of your voice.
  5. If you have a stuffy nose, it’s best to take an extra-strength menthol lozenge just before your performance, as this will free up your nostrils and control your tone. Remember that antihistamines and medications are harmful to the vocal cords, so avoiding them is the most sensible option.
  6. Stop smoking: Smoking is very dangerous to your health as well as your overall health. So, it is advisable to consult a physician as early as possible if the problem in your voice doesn’t solve itself.
  7. Relax while you sing, whether in rehearsal, concert, or audition. If you don’t strain your neck, jaw, or face muscles, you’ll have more energy to control your abdominal muscles, which are the most important for singing well.
  8. Try to get closer to people when you talk to them, look them in the face, and use short sentences instead of long paragraphs. This way you will allow your vocal cords to hydrate and stay healthy and cared for.

Now that you know how to take care of your vocal cords to sing better, you just have to take these tips into account and put them into practice.