Best way to discover your musical talents with easy steps:

A music talent would be a strong synaptic connection, something that we naturally have. It would be stimuli that we received at a very young age and made the brain create these connections. So, some people are good at some things and some people are not. Simply because they received different stimuli, developing different skills. If you want to discover musical talents, this guide is just the right for you!

Discover strengths:

The problem is that talent is something so spontaneous, that we do it so naturally that we don’t even realize it’s that good.
You know when someone praises you for a task and you think it was so silly because you barely had any work? Well, start paying more attention to these details, that’s where your talents live.

Know about your music skills:

As an artist, you may ask yourself which situations you master best in order to explore them. So ask yourself:
– Am I a better soloist or playing in a group?
– Am I good at inventing, and improvising?
– What style of music do I do best? That I understand better? That I can better deliver to my audience?
– Do I rock the scales or am I better with slow songs with an emotional appeal?
– What do you naturally do best?

Reflect on yourself:

Practically, the lesson of this book is to pay attention to yourself! Be aware of those things that seem so simple to you or that you don’t even see time pass. Try to understand how you see the world, and how you assimilate things around you.

Strengths are what determine the way you relate to the world: how you relate to people and how you find solutions to your problems.
And what does all this have to do with music?
When someone thinks of a good musician and says “Yeah, I don’t have the talent to be a musician”. What talent are they thinking they don’t have? There are two possibilities that we hear a lot:
– Creativity: Most people say they can’t make music because they don’t feel creative. It’s good to take a look at creativity and see that it goes

far beyond the stereotypes we create.

– Motor coordination: for many, playing fast is the real skill you have to have to be a musician. But not quite.
But we say that these are not the only strengths of a musician. By the way, not every musician will have the super talent to play crazy scales or be an eccentric creative. And yet they are excellent musicians. But why?
Well, for you to build a solid career, you can do that through many other skills. You don’t necessarily have to work on just those two.

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Train those skills:

It’s playing, it’s composing, it’s teaching, it’s being a producer, it’s having a YouTube channel to talk more about music, isn’t it? So, see what you can do better so you don’t suffer so much thinking about what you’re bad about. Focus on your strengths and train those skills.