Best Top Tips for music production:

Having a creative and effective recording session is something we all want to achieve, so we want to share several effective music production tips with you with proper and straightforward guidelines.

Everything works like clockwork:

One of the effective music production tips, if you want to have a professional production, is that certain things must work as a team. That’s why we love making the clock analogy. Can you imagine the complicated mechanism inside it?

Every gear has to be set to perfection, and if even one of them fails, the rest of the clock can’t keep ticking. The same thing happens with a musical production inside the home studios.

It doesn’t matter if you have a studio with state-of-the-art technology and perfect acoustics. If you’re a bad recording engineer, it’s not going to sound professional. It also doesn’t matter if you’re an excellent recording engineer but your mixes sound amateurish.

Do not work completely alone:

One thing is certain, and that is that we all have different strengths and weaknesses, so if you have someone to compliment your work, they will do something good.

This teamwork will help you to obtain very good productions and we think it is part of being humble, and accepting that we cannot be perfect on our own.

References are your best friend:

Another effective music production tip is to learn to use references in your favor. When you are recording a song, many times you may think that you want a 100% original product and you don’t want it to sound like anything else on the market.

You have to remember that it’s one thing to use a reference to get some similar sound and another thing to copy yourself from an arrangement… Which is hugely different.

In the end, they are small details that you add to your productions that “color” it, making it unique and special and, in the end, giving it your stamp.

Structure the song from the beginning:

One more effective music production tips are from pre-production… Structure the song correctly. If the song is not well structured, due to more arrangements, effects, and creative elements, the different parts of the song will not be able to be distinguished well.

It is important at the beginning of the production to talk to the artist and let them know that to obtain a professional result, the structure of the song has to be reviewed, which includes its different parts, chords, lyrics, etc.

Small sessions instead of 1 day of study:

Another important tip is to do small sessions instead of long studio sessions.

On the first of the year, he did in professional recording studios, which were rented by the day. Normally each song was recorded within 1-2 days of production. This was quite efficient, however, it has some disadvantages: Time pressure, costs, and lack of creativity.

It’s not the only way to do things either. If you do very effective pre-production, studio time (1-2 days) can be great.