Best natural remedy for curing acne

When it rears its ugly head, severe acne can wreak havoc on our skin and our self-confidence. In teenagers or adults, acne appears at any time because of hormonal changes, a diet too rich in fat, or even a period of stress that can upset our body. And when acne surfaces, we try everything to make it disappear, with big hits of products that can attack and damage our skin.

To get rid of acne, effectively, naturally, and gently, we offer you a synergy of essential oils and a real concentrate of plants. Pimples and acne mark just have to watch out for!

Our natural solutions against acne

To make your anti-acne treatment with essential oils, mix:

– 3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil

– 5 drops of Palmarosa essential oil

– 2 drops of Italian Helichrysum essential oil

– 5 ml vegetable oil (Jojoba or Hazelnut)

Apply the mixture in massage on the face, emphasizing the areas where acne is concentrated.

If you only have a small pimple to eliminate, you can make the mixture without the vegetable oil, and apply it to the pimple with a cotton ball.

Why are these ingredients in acne treatment?

Essential oils are very effective in treating acne. The anti-acne treatments found in pharmacies or supermarkets can sometimes attack the skin and dry it out. Thus, they dry out pimples but leave your skin bruised.

Over the long term, the skin will continue to produce excess sebum to compensate for this dryness. It is then an eternal restart: the acne comes back, always stronger, and leaving indelible marks on your skin.

It’s time to stop this infernal circle and switch to essential oils against acne. To better understand why this synergy fights pimples and oily skin, let’s take a look at the ingredients that make it up.

Tea Tree, anti-acne treatment par excellence:

The essential oil of the Tea Tree is almost no longer to be presented when talking about acne: it is indeed a reference oil for eliminating pimples and imperfections. A pure drop on a button in the process of pushing is sometimes enough to stop its growth.

Thanks to its antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, it cleanses the skin and prevents the multiplication of germs responsible for acne. It thus prevents the formation of pimples. In addition, Tea Tree essential oil helps the skin to heal, to prevents the formation of new acne marks.

Vegetable oil, ideal for nourishing and moisturizing the skin:

The addition of vegetable oil in this synergy is important if you want to use it on a large surface. Indeed, essential oils are planted in concentrates. Those present in this synergy are particularly recommended for oily and acne-prone skin.

However, drying out these skin types too much is not doing them any favors. This is why it is important to choose a dry vegetable oil, such as Jojoba or Hazelnut to dilute this synergy. Thus, these oils will hydrate the skin and rebalance sebum secretion. This will prevent the return of acne and make the skin glow with health.